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    April 22, 2013
    2:00 - 2:30pm PDT  

>> chair adams: time is now 2:08 p.m. in the meeting is being called to order. we would like to thank sf gov tv
and san francisco media hall for their continued support for their services. at this time we asked members of the public to silence or turnoff where cell phones. >> commissioner dooley: here >> commissioner dwight is absent. >> commissioner o'brien: here >> commissioner ortiz-cartagena: here. >> commissioner riley: here >> commissioner white: here. we have a quorum. you are in general public comment. allowing members of the public to comment on matters within the commissions purview. this is a discussion item. >> chair adams: do we have any members of the outlook here who would like to make a comment on any item
other than what is on today's agenda. seeing none the only comment is seeing none the only comment is closed. 3. discussion and possible action to make recommendations to the board of supervisors on board of supervisors file no. 130284 [planning, building codes - fee waiver program - small business month, may 2013] ordinance recognizing small business month in may 2013; amending the planning code, sections 302, 355(a), and 355(e); and amending building code, tables 1a-a, and 1a-e, to waive fees for the month of may for certain fa├žade improvements; and making findings, including environmental findings and findings of consistency with the general plan and priority policies of planning code, section 101.1. explanatory documents: bos file no. 130284 bos file no. >> my name is diana keyes (sounds like) i'm here to introduce an ordinance passed last year, waiving fees regarding awning
and sign replacement and pedestrian lighting for small businesses and recognition of small business month. the impetus behind the ordinance is to assist small businesses in contributing to the revitalization of the corridor, and making small improvements. we heard from business owners, a lot offended not know if you wanted to make improvements to fix awnings and signs, do you have to go to the permit process and pay a certain fee? we used this fee waiver to educate businesses and the community and let them know what they would have to do with regards to this process. this year would like to do the same thing and really outreach the communities in partnership with offices such as the office of small businesses, invest in neighborhoods, just caught and there is other organizations to get this fee waiver out into the community, let people know that it is available to them
you have a packet of materials and draft form that we would like to provide to the community. the first is a fact sheet summary regarding what they would have to do on the process. we are in the process of translating allsup into chinese and spanish. we would be able to outreach to more communities. and in addition we would be going out and doing, going onto the supervisors' office and let them know. so they cannot reach to the communities as well. i would like to request the support for this ordinance and if you have any questions. >> chair adams: any commissioner questions? >> i'm curious last year how many people apply for this period? >> 10 fee waivers, four for sign permits,
but we expect that we will get more with the more information, -- we do not have as much time this year to really outreach and the people know agree are hoping with the continuity of this fee waiver during small business month that people will in advance now that this is a process they have to go through and we'll get more applications this year. we were before the building inspection committee last week, and one of the supervisor suggested we had a contest so we are getting creative with getting out the information this year. >> chair adams: commissioner riley? >> commissioner riley:
is there consideration for publishing this in. >> possibly a press release as well. >> commissioner riley: i think the chinese media would welcome this information to share with the community. >> and that is why we wanted the fact sheet to be translated and we have someone in our office to provide the services to make sure we outreach to the chinese media as well. >> commissioner riley: so more people can take advantage of this waiver. >> chair adams: commissioner o'brien >> commissioner o'brien: is this gone beyond awnings? >> at this rate is just awnings and pedestrian level lighting. last year it was interpreted to mean signs attached awnings and the planning commission has recommended that it be continue to signs attached awnings. >> commissioner o'brien:
so no other work, just to signs? >> yes and only existing ones if they want to improve them. >> chair adams: any other commissioner questions? seeing none let's take public comment on item number three. are there any members of the public who would like to make a common item three? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners. any more comments? this is a great program, and it is citywide correct? >> (off mic) >> chair adams: when will this be voted on? >> we have to go before the planning commission henderson find this next week so it will be before the board may first. >> chair adams: motion to approve? >> i will move. >> second. >> commissioners for the second?
>> commissioner dooley. >> we are all in support. >> the president would like a roll call? >> chair adams:yes >> commissioner dooley: yes >> commissioner o'brien: yes o2 >> commissioner ortiz-cartagena: yes w1 >> commissioner white:yes >> commissioner riley:yes >> this motion passes 6 to 0. >> next item. >> next item. >> displaces you an item four. discussion and possible action to make recommendations to the board of supervisors on board of supervisors file no. 130244 [health, business and tax regulations code - regulate and establish annual fees - cottage food operations] ordinance amending the health code, by adding
section 452.1, to establish a procedure for regulating cottage food operations; amending the business and tax regulations code, by adding section 249.1a, to establish annual fees for cottage food operations; and making environmental findings. explanatory documents: bos file no. 130244 >> we have a presentation by richard lee dept. of public health. >> welcome >> i am not sure if you want to go through the document presented to staff last week or summarize. >> chair adams: summarize. >> this legalizes home kitchens were people can actually make food in their homes and sell retail to the general public which is totally different than what we are used to in environmental health. we actually have a lot of concerns about this regulation throughout the state; concern about the fact that people could make stuff at home which we don't have any control in terms
, of how they are inspected the fact that they would sell it to the public the fact is that they are 20 for other states that have passed cottage food regulation and there are people in the state who felt we should have one too. the directors work closely with the authors of the legislation, looking for a compromise. last year it was passed and it went into effect on january first; the main thing is that we need this regulation so that can actually make it official and seven cisco so we can start taking in applications and receiving fees for the cottage food industry. we have already developed inspection forms, procedures, and we are ready to start when what we have to do but we need this last be so we can pass the ordinance
some of the things one to tell you that this limited type of food called nonhazardous. things you can make her like cookies, bread, dried pasta, that sums -- baking mixes, things you don't have to refrigerate. and that makes it very limited and for us we are comfortable with having that type of food made supposed to meat pies, or spaghetti or tamales. there are two tiers, a and b. a of those kids is sick and sell directly to the customers from their house or from a holiday bazaar,
or farmers market. tier b the consultant restaurants or grocery stores and there are different requirements. the fees are much cheaper for tier a. we will not do an annual inspection unless there is a complaint. tier b, there will be a regular inspection of the kitchen.. also, the fees tier a, $100. for tier b, annual fee of $350 plus an application fee for the permit. >> chair adams: commissioner questions? commissioner riley. >> commissioner riley: over here it says that
the operator must take the class, eight hour certified food safety training and be certified. where do they take these classes? >> first of all what happens is that originally the state wanted to have a certified food processor cutting class which they were not able to produce. right now there are two type trainings, restaurant employs have to take it. they can take one of two courses. one is a two-hour online certified food handler class. they take a test, $15 online. that would be good enough to meet the training requirements. or they can take an eight hour certified food manager class which we actually give, the golden gate restaurant association also gives that, and a number of places in san francisco. that costs arond $100
and they have to take an. >> commissioner riley: either or. >> either or. that's $15 for the online clas. >> chair adams: mission or dooley. >> commissioner dooley: it said no shipping allowed. was wondering why. >> we want to make sure that there are direct sales. the whole thing is that this is a local business kind of thing; it was not intended to the sale out-of-state. can take internet sales requests but the operator has to do the delivery directly to that person, so we know there is a direct sale. >> chair adams: commissioner ortiz. >> commissioner ortiz-cartagena: are those certification classes
multi-lingual? >> i know it is in chinese and spanish, and i think in several other languages too, the two- hour class.classes we give, are in chinese and spanish. >> chair adams: let's take public comment. any public comment on item four? seeing none, public comment is now closed. commissioners. i like this. i know in your classes, if you work at safeway you have to take those classes, and the emergence of farmers market in the city a lot of those locals want to participate in those markets. you say they are not refrigerated, this is great. thank you for this.
commissioner dwight. >> commissioner dwight: i agree. this is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs . to tiptoe into this business there is so much to learn by person engaging with the customers, doing locally, mano a mano, it is important for people before they spend a lot of money going to the next step, this is a great way to do it in a more sort of controlled way. sounds great. >> chair adams: commissioner white? >> commissioner white: i was going to echo what commissioner dwight said. i like that we have this in place but also that there is some structure and at least i know that the house i bought it from was inspected, and that is important for me. i am all for it. >> chair adams: any other commissioner questions? we have a motion?
>> i was going to ask one more thing. if it was sold as a category, are there any other inspections of peoples homes? >> if we have a complaint. tier a. tier b we will always have an endless pension. annual inspection. we want to push this through because we have pending permits. we are going to expect it before we say it's okay, tier b. we will go to their homes which is unusual for us. >> so from the time that they apply
for this it will be 30 days? >> i will ask inspector. he is in charge of handing this program. >> good afternoon commissioners. at this time we have about a dozen permits split between a and b. basically my job is to answer questions around the ordinance, get people familiarized and take the applications. once would take the up occasions we issue permits pending city planning approval and we assign whatever district inspector is in that area so we have an applicant in castro might have jane, in the -- another person. turnaround is
about a week once we have completed application. they have 60 days to complete the food certification; and for record purposes we are asking for a driver license, we want to make sure we are dealing with the proper person that applied, because we are going to people's homes now as opposed to commercial business, and it is difficult to identify people, because they're not all in single-family dwellings. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> chair adams: commissioner ortiz. >> commissioner ortiz-cartagena: i want to be clear. in order to get a class a license you need to have a california drivers license. >> yes. or an identification. >> commissioner ortiz-cartagena: and it has to be issued from the state of california?
>> i'm not sure we made a distinction yet. >> it may be the city's -- aesep card, >> anything which is official we will take. >> chair adams: any other questions, comments? do we have a motion to approve? >> i move. >> second. >> chair adams: --get that chris? >> i want to make one recommendation to make sure the legislature is clear, to make sure the take the city identification , and open it to all, >> i will make sure that happens. >> thank you. >> we can also include comments, to the budget and finance committee
to expedite, and hear this as soon as possible. >> we have a motion of commissioner dooley, seconded by commissioner white. roll call. >> chair adams: yes >> commissioner dooley: yes >> commissioner dwight:yes >> commissioner o'brien: yes >> commissioner ortiz-cartagena:yes >> commissioner riley: yes >> commissioner white:yes >> passes unanimously 7-0. >> chair adams: thank you very much. much. next item. discussion and possible action to make recommendations to the board of supervisors on board of supervisors file no. 130285 [public works code - waiver of temporary street space occupancy fee for small business week sidewalk sales] ordinance waiving the fee required by public works